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Compressor Units for Mechanically Driven Cold Heads and Pumps, Water Cooling COOLPAK 6000 H MD

Serves the purpose of individually driving the cold heads with mechanically driven displacers; i.e. COOLPOWER 250 MD and 10 MD.
In addition, these compressor units are also used for operating the COOLVAC cryo pumps 30000 BL LN2 and COOLVAC 60000 BL LN2.

Advantages to the User
■ Highly effective and even more powerful when connected with Leybold cryo pumps and refrigerators
■ Excellent long-term reliability owing to the modular design and the long life components
■ Silent and low vibration operation through scroll compressors
■ Small footprint
■ Simple installation and operation
■ Global power supply compatibility
■ Easy integration in complex systems due to 24 V DC or RS 232 C interfaces
■ Variable cold head motor speed, adjustable using keys on the power module or RS232C interface
■ Long maintenance-free period of operation

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