Velocidad de bombeo (Ar): 1150  l/s
Velocidad de bombeo (He): 1350  l/s
Velocidad de bombeo (H₂): 1150  l/s
Velocidad de bombeo (N₂): 1250  l/s
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Why use the Leybold TURBOVAC i/iX?

Designed to offer the best performance, the TURBOVAC i/iX series has a higher pumping speed and delivers lower initial and operating costs. With its exceptional features such as light gas pumping speeds of up to 60% above present reference products, and compression values that are approximately 100x higher than previous generation products, it is the right choice for all your applications.

From pumping speed 90 l/s to 1450 l/s
The TURBOVAC i/iX range covers pumping speeds up to 1450 l class.

From serviceability to active bearing management
A pump generation for stress-free operation and service where the pump actively manages the bearing, and bearing replacement on-site is possible.

From IP40 to IP54
While all TURBOVAC i/iX pumps offer IP40 as standard, IP54 is an option for protection in industrial and coating environments.

Stress-Free Operation
Robustness increases your productivity and system uptime.

  • Proven reliability and consistent performance across a range of processes and demanding applications.
  • Fit & Forget, user friendly and highly dependable installation and operation.
  • Robust against mechanical impact ad harsh venting.
  • Optimized rotor design for optimum pumping performance.

Unrivalled Performance
TURBOVAC i/iX has been designed to optimize both pumping speed performance and compression ratio.

  • Unique pump stages design to deliver excellent performance also process applications with increased gas flows.
  • Light gas pumping speeds of up to 60% above present reference products.
  • Compression values 100 times higher than previous generation products.
  • Wide range of performance variants from 90 to 1450 l/s.

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