Número de catálogo: 230682V01
Conexión a la red: 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Margen de presión: 1 x 10-10 mbar - 2000 mbar
incl. EURO / US mains cable
Length: 2 m
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Universal 1 channel display and operating unit with persistent display of all measurement channels, suited for the active sensors of the THERMOVAC, CERAVAC, linear sensors (DU series), PENNINGVAC and IONIVAC series.


Advantages to the User

■ Display range from 1 x 10-10 to 2000 mbar
■ 3.5" touch screen display with intuitive menu interface 
■ Graphic display of the measurement data 
■ Internal and external (front side USB) storing of measurement data and configuration files 
 Leak rate indication based on the pressure rise method 
 6 adjustable variable hysteresis switching thresholds, floating changeover contacts and visual indication of the switching status in the display area, freely assignable to the individual measurement channels 
 Different visualisation options (graphs and decimal display with zoom function) 
 For connection of all active sensors of other brands 
 Degas function for ITR transmitters 
 Zero alignment for CTR transmitters
 3 separate chart recorder outputs 0 to 10 V for each measurement channel (analogue output) 
 4th programmable chart recorder output optional 
 RS 232 C / RS 485 C interface with adjustable baud rate 
 Relay output for error indication 
 Display selectable between mbar, Torr, micron, Pascal or psi 
 Compact installation and benchtop enclosure (1/4 19" 3 HU) 
 Software update via USB optional 
 Languages: English, German, Chinese, Japanese, French; Italian, Spanish, Korean 
 Visualisation through LEYASSIST running on a PC


Connectable Sensors

 TTR 211 / TTR 216 S 
 TTR 90 / TTR 91 / TTR 91 N 
 TTR 96 S / TTR 96 N S 
 TTR 100 / TTR 100 S2 
 TTR 101 / TTR 101 N / TTR 101 S2 / TTR 101 N 2S 
 TTR 911 / TTR 911 N 
 TTR 916 / TTR 916 N

 CTR 90 / CTR 91 
 CTR 100 / CTR 100 N 
 CTR 101 / CTR 101 N

Linear pressure sensors 
 DU 200 / DU 201 
 DU 2000 / DU 2001 
 DU 2001 rel.

 PTR 90 / PTR 90 N 
 PTR 225 / PTR 225 N 
 PTR 225 S / PTR 225 N S 
 PTR 237 / PTR 237 N

 ITR 90 / ITR 90 N 
 ITR 200 S / ITR 200 N S 
 ITR 200 N SL

Other brands 
 Active sensors with linear or logarithmic output

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